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Horses as Co-Trainers

Are you looking for a unique and powerful approach to accelerate your leadership and teambuilding development?

If so, then we invite you to come and spend time interacting with horses.

You will be surprised about how much you can learn from them!

Our Offer

Leadership Development

We generally work with medium- to large-sized international companies that want to strengthen their leadership and teambuilding skills in an effective and sustainable manner.

Our workshops generally range from 1 to 4 days with time in between to implement and gain experience with the new knowledge.

We offer workshops in Switzerland in Boswil/AG, Einsiedeln/SZ, Ettiswil/LU and Wollerau/SZ.

Learning from Horses

Horses are looking for the same leadership qualities in you that your employees are. Additionally, horses provide you with valuable feedback that will enable you to become an extraordinary leader.

As a result, interacting with horses is perhaps one of the most powerful modalities to accelerate your leadership and social skills. It gives you the opportunity to strengthen these skills and increase your self-awareness. Working with horses also gives you a chance to recognize and change limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns.

No prior horse experience necessary. All exercises are done on the ground, no riding.

Young Horses
Lady over green-white pole

Our Focus

As prey animals, horses are masters of non-verbal communication and non-predatory forms of power. Thus they are excellent teachers of the following 4 cornerstones of sustainable collaboration.

Communication – communicating clearly and effectively at the non-verbal level

Respect – creating a shared understanding of how you would like to work together

Trust – discovering the power of trust-based relationships and how to get there

Leadership – developing the mindset and unique behaviors of highly successful leaders


This approach delivers MUCH faster results than other leadership programs.

The impact of this unique and powerful learning modality will result in the following changes in the workplace.

  • Increased self-awareness and the willingness to reflect one’s own behavior
  • Understanding the true power of non-verbal communication and taking it to a whole new level
  • Introduction and integration of the non-predatory mindset and form of power
Horse on Podest