Discover your true leadership potential; use the intelligence of nature to lead in a way that others are willing to follow.

Creating a culture of mutual respect and trust is the top priority of excellent leaders. By doing so, such leaders create environments where high performance is the norm and employees are motivated to excel in their zone of genius.

We guide leaders and their teams on the journey to creating such work environments.

As a result, teams reach their goals more easily because they no longer work against each other, but together towards a common goal.

For any leader who wants to accelerate this process and fast-track his/her results, we invite you and your team to come and work with our horses. This approach gives you powerful and succinct feedback that gets right to the heart of the matter, faster than any other modality of leadership training.

We meet you wherever you are at and create the right sustainable learning journey for you and your team. Our intent is to help you succeed.

Fast-track your success;
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What they say about Marina

“I now am more aware of myself and more closely watch the nonverbal signals from my employees.”

“Valuable workshop for all participants. The interaction between horse and human was fascinating.”


“It was interesting to note how a horse came into contact with me, showed interest, walked away or backed up, depending on how I acted. I could draw a lot of parallels to my workplace. Thanks to Marina and Michele for making this wonderful learning experience possible. It was fun to learn with horses. I seldom felt so at ease at a leadership workshop.”


Refining your Leadership Skills with Horses

  • We help you improve your leadership skills using our powerful equine-facilitated approach.

  • Horses are looking for the same leadership qualities in you that your employees are and thus provide you with valuable feedback that will enable you to become an extraordinary leader.

  • We focus on the four key areas – communication, respect, trust and leadership –that are at the core of high-performance.

  • This approach delivers MUCH faster results than other leadership programs.

Scenes from our Leadership Training Programs

Our Training Programs



Get Valuable and Instant Feedback

Package 1


Outdoors with Different Horses, Fresh Perspectives Plus Immediate Feedback

Package 2


Enhance your Personal Influence, incl. Leadership Workshops for Women

Package 3


Start Becoming the Leader People Want to Follow

Package 4


Deepen Into Intuitive

Leadership Skills Plus Receive Continued Support

Package 5


Fully Integrate New Skills and Knowledge into the Workplace

What you will learn with us

  • Discover how your leadership style is perceived

  • Understand the impact of your paradigms/behavior

  • Build a culture based on mutual respect and trust

  • Lead in a way that others are willing to follow you

About Marina

California was my home for the first 30 years of my life where I enjoyed the great weather, outdoor sports, and beaches. There I completed my B.S./M.B.A. and gained the first couple years of work experience before moving to Switzerland in 1993. I continued to work in large companies usually introducing new projects and then working with employees through the change process.

When horses came into my life a few years later, they reminded me of my childhood dream to work with animals. That encounter with horses became an important turning point in my life. Why be like everyone else, when I have the chance to do what I love? So I decided to re-arrange my life and spent 3 years on large ranches to learn as much as I could about horses. Later I completed a certification in horse behavior, solution-based coaching and comprehensive training program to become a coach in equine-facilitated personal development.

I love this photo
because it summarizes the entire heart-based Leadership Wisdom philosophy.

Marina Susan Parris

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