Responsibility for the Herd

Workshop Goals

The goal is to strengthen personal leadership skills, increase self-awareness and the willingness to reflect on one’s own behavior.

Working with horses helps leaders become aware of how their actions impact others and gives them the chance to recognize and change limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns.


The ability of leaders to embody these skills at the workplace will directly impact the bottom-line.


  • Video analysis
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Personal follow-up coaching

Your personal presence impacts others, long before the first word is ever spoken. Horses are highly sensitive animals that pick up on what is not being said and yet communicated to others, thus providing valuable feedback to the participant.

Lady leading white horse

Trust and Congruence

Horses like people will choose to follow those that they trust and feel safe with. Discover how to align your head and your heart to build trust.

Situational Leadership

Since horses give instant feedback, leaders immediately know if their leadership style matches the needs of the horse in any given moment. At the same time, the horse will naturally also respond to the mental and emotional state of the leader.

Lady with horse over pole