Individuals Passionate about Heart-Based Leadership

Together we provide over 60 years of international experience.

Marina was born in 1963 and grew up in California. There she completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees in business. After working in the U.S.A for 6 years, primarily by facilitating process improvement teams, she moved to Switzerland in 1992. Here she worked for international companies in the areas of quality and process management, training and development, export, tourism and buying.

Between 2002 and 2005 Marina lived in the U.S. and France on large ranches working with and training young horses on the basis of mutual respect and trust. In 2014 and 2015 she went to observe the wild horses in Bosnia-Hercogovina.

In her leadership coaching and workshops, Marina combines her previous professional experience in the business world and her coaching training and work experience with over 17 years of horse experience. In 2008, she completed an extended study program in the U.S. to become a coach in equine-facilitated learning and continues to regularly attend workshops from Linda Kohanov, a pioneer in this area.

Marina also regularly writes articles for the Ladies Drive magazine.

Michele Cueni

Michele Cueni

Michele was born in 1959 in the UK. She has lived in Switzerland for 36 years and has two grown up children and three grandchildren. She enjoys meeting people of different cultures, loves all outdoor sports, nature, animals and learning new things.

Michele is an international consultant and trainer in leadership with more than 29 years of broad experience with top-level management and executives in multi-national companies and organizations. In addition to running her own business Management Communication (, Michele is also the Managing Director of FranklinCovey Switzerland and a Master Trainer for all their programs.

Michele is very active in the humanitarian world where she also consults and trains UN organizations and NGOs

Maren Gsell

Maren has many years of experience in large international companies. She also worked for an international hotel chain in HR in Germany and was involved as Hôtelière in founding and establishing her own companies in Switzerland.

Maren is a trained classical homeopath. Today she works as a coach for equine-facilitated personal development and as a systemic coach in her own practice. In relationships between people and animals, she places a big emphasis on a willing collaboration between two beings and on experiencing the other free of judgment and without a rigid agenda. Maren supports people in inner mindfulness, so they are open to their own inner processes. 

Maren Gsell