A Herd Provides Safety and Community

Workshops Goals

The goal of the workshop is to give participants the opportunity to interact with horses in a series of exercises on the ground, in order to help them develop their self-awareness and understand the impact their behavior has on team members. 


This is exceedingly important because depending upon on how a team member’s intent and resulting behaviour is perceived by their fellow workers, it directly impacts their motivation and engagement to contribute effectively and achieve a common goal. It can thus, either undermine or enhance a team’s ability to succeed.


  • Video analysis
  • Trust Assessment
  • Personal follow-up coaching

Mutual trust is essential for teams to excel. Horses cannot demonstrate their true potential until you trust and believe in them. Learn more about being trustworthy and extending trust towards others.

Man with horse and cones


Horses are masters of non-verbal communication. Thus participants become aware of what they are communicating on the physical, emotional and mental level by observing the response of the horse in any given moment.


Connection is the invisible bond between individuals. This can easily be seen when observing a herd of horses, as they react as a single unit to changes in the environment.

Horses respond well when a connection exists, else they come up with better ideas about how they can spend their time.

Lady connecting with horse