of Leadership Wisdom

For the scope of the services between the customer and the service provider Leadership Wisdom the written documents are legally binding.  Leadership Wisdom is a brand of Pferd als Partner GmbH.


In order to participate in the workshop, a written contract between Leadership Wisdom and the customer is required. The contract must be signed by both parties before the start of the workshop.

Cost / Fees

  1. The contractually agreed upon costs / fees are due no later than 14 days before the start of the workshop. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are plus VAT.
  2. The participation in the workshop is only definite for the customer after the participation / the order confirmation as well as the receipt of payment for the full amount of the workshop costs / fees.
  3. If a workshop must be partially or completely cancelled, the customer will be notified. The payments already made will be refunded immediately.

Cancellation by the Customer

  1. A cancellation by the customer after the contract has been signed must be done in writing.
  2. No costs will be incurred by the customer, if the workshop is cancelled before 4 weeks before the start of the workshop. For cancellations 13 to 5 days before the start of the workshop 50% of the agreed costs / fees are due. For cancellations from the 5th day before the start of the workshop, the entire costs / fees will be charged to the customer. The same applies if a customer does not attend the workshop without prior notification / cancellation. Event if a customer only attends part of the workshop, he or she is not entitled to a cost or fee reduction.
  3. If a participant designated by the customer cannot attend a workshop, the customer may send a substitute participant. This change must be communicated immediately.


  1. We reserve the right to make any changes, even at short notice. If the number of participants is too small and it does not make sense to conduct the workshop for financial reasons, we reserve the right to cancel or postpone the date of the workshop. The same applies in case a trainer(s) is sick, a force majeure or other unforeseeable events.
  2. If a workshop does not take place, the customer will be notified immediately. Any costs / fees that have been paid will be reimbursed.

Responsibility and Copyright

  1. The customer is obliged to comply with all the safety rules and all the regulations of the premises where the workshop is conducted.
  2. The workshop documents are protected by copyright. All rights reserved. In particular, no content may be reproduced, processed, duplicated, distributed or otherwise used without the express permission of Leadership Widsom.


Pictures taken during the workshops may be published by Leadership Wisdom. If a course participant does not agree to have his/her picture published, please inform us before the end of the workshop.


In the case of workshop cancellations or re-scheduling Leadership Wisdom is not obliged to reimburse travel and accommodation costs, as well as costs for work loss. Leadership Wisdom is also not liable for any indirect damage, in particular a loss of profit or third party claims. We do not assume liability for any advice given or for the knowledge shared. Leadership Wisdom is not liable for damages that occur directly or indirectly through the execution of a workshop, unless this damage was caused by intentional or gross negligence by Leadership Wisdom. The limited liability does not apply, as long as a liability for Leadership Wisdom exists.

Other Provisions

  1. The sole place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising directly or indirectly from the contractual relationship is where Pferd als Partner GmbH is officially registered. Pferd as Partner GmbH is also entitled to sue at the customer’s location. Any legal issues in conjunction with this contract shall be governed by Swiss Law.
  2. The contract remains binding even in the case that individual provisions have been deemed ineffective. This does not apply if adhering to the contract would result in an unreasonable hardship for any party.

Zug, January 2020