Client Perspective

“The most exciting training I have attended at this company.”

“You don’t usually get honest feedback like this, as I did from the horses.”

“Trainers – relaxed and identified key issues with only a few words.”

“The most important insight was how important non-verbal communication is”.

“This experience has enriched my life.”

“The personal feedback during the exercises was a great help.”

International Industrial Company

“Much better and more memorable than 1000 theory workshops.”

“Was a great experience and you are a super team!”

“Was nice to experience leadership in such an honest and refreshing manner!”

“I felt comfortable and safe, thank you.”

Pharmaceutical Company

“It was interesting to note how a horse came into contact with me, showed interest, walked away or backed up, depending on how I acted. I could draw a lot of parallels to my workplace. Thanks to Marina and Michele for making this wonderful learning experience possible. It was fun to learn with horses. I seldom felt so at ease at a leadership workshop.”


“Through the work with Marina and the horses, participants of our global leadership development program could learn about leadership from another perspective. It was a unique experience for participants from the different cultures around the world where they learned to fine-tune their self-awareness, empathy and non-verbal communication skills. Marina, Michele and Maren created an atmosphere in which each person could work through their personal challenges and gain new insights for the workplace.”

CHT, R. Beitlich GmbH, Tübingen, Germany

“A big thanks for the professional and caring support throughout the workshop.”

“It was impressive and educational at the same time! It was also a nice experience to work with horses.”

“Giving someone time … space … leading with clarity and resolution. We learned this and so much more with you.”

“Me and horses? I could never have imagined that. I was positively surprised and was able to take away a lot of new insights, plus I had fun!”

“Hands on – that’s perfect for an IT guy. Lots of parallels to real life.”

Seerose Resort & Spa in Meisterschwanden

“I now am more aware of myself and more closely watch the non-verbal signals from my employees.”

“Valuable workshop for all participants. The interaction between horse and human was fascinating.”

Swiss Insurance Company

“It was a great day with very good trainers and lots to learn. Working with horses allowed for more authentic behavior than when participants do exercises with one another.”

McDonalds Switzerland

“Since many years I have avoided horses because of a bad experience long ago. Thanks to working with one of Marina’s horses, this has changed and I learned a lot about leadership. Thank you for your patience and support.”


“Marina’s workshop clearly showed our therapists how important body language or non-verbal communication is for the other person to feel comfortable and safe. It was great to see how our employees changed and developed during the workshop. The barbecue afterwards was a nice way to end the team event, which was a full success in every respect. Thank you Marina.”

TZZ Therapie Zentrum Zug