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About Marina Susan Parris

California was my home for the first 30 years of my life where I enjoyed the great weather, outdoor sports, and beaches. There I completed my B.S./M.B.A. and gained the first couple years of work experience before moving to Switzerland in 1993. I continued to work in large companies usually introducing new projects and then working with employees through the change process.

When horses came into my life, they reminded me of my childhood dream to work with animals. That encounter with horses became an important turning point in my life. Why be like everyone else, when I have the chance to do what I love? So I decided to re-arrange my life and spent three years on large ranches to learn as much as I could about horses. Later I completed a certification in horse behavior, solution-based coaching and a comprehensive training program to become a coach in equine-facilitated learning.

It’s was a long journey, daunting at times and often taking me to my personal limits, however, I am happy to have made that choice for myself. While I still work hard, it’s rewarding and fulfilling to know that I can make a difference in people’s lives . I have also pubished an e-book about my experiences with horses and people called  “Leadership Wisdom from Horses”. It contains short stories on the topics of communication, respect, trust and leadership.

I am very thankful for my beautiful and wonderful horses that have been amazing guides and support on the way to leading the life I love and I continue to learn from each person and horse that I come in contact with.


For the workshops, I work together with good friends of mine, who are also trainers/ coaches in the areas of leadership and personal development.

Michele Cueni

For high-level management leadership seminars, I work together with Michele Cueni. She is an international trainer and expert on leadership and trust. You can find out more about Michele on her website www.managementcommunication.ch

Maren Gsell

Maren and I work together for leadership and personal development workshops. Maren has many years of experience in large international companies. She also worked for an international hotel chain in HR and was involved as Hôtelière in founding and establishing her own companies in Switzerland. She is a coach is equine-facilitated personal development.

Today Maren works as a classical homeopath and supports people in inner mindfulness. In relationships between people and animals, she places a big emphasis on a willing collaboration between two beings and on experiencing the other free of judgement and  without a rigid agenda. She works with her two horses in this manner.


Here are the horses that will accompany you.


Molly is a kid’s favorite, although she is often underestimated due to her size. Mind you she has her own personality and will go off and do her own thing if she gets bored or feels you are not with her. Molly belongs to a friend of mine and helps out at larger workshops.


Riverdance is a highly sensitive mare. She gets away with a lot just because of her looks. At the same time she looks for and needs clear guidance. If you start daydreaming or drifting off in your own thoughts, she will do the same and then the connection is broken and the collaboration disrupted.


Harpa is an Iceland Pony with a gentle personality. Normally she works with kids, but off and on she helps out with larger workshops.


Pamina is an easy-going and confident mare that also has her own opinion in certain matters. She belongs to a friend of mine, who lets me borrow her for personal coaching and leadership workshops.

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